Creating a Casual & Comfortable Ambiance at a “Formal” Event

Full Service Event Planning, Custom Catering, Tenting & Rental Acquisition, Onsite Staffing & Execution

A wedding is a wonderfully festive time, filled with opportunities to gather and celebrate. We like to call these “wedding adjacent” events. We love the more intimate nature of these events. Additionally, we work with some amazing wedding planners if you’re looking for a professional to walk you through the whole wedding process. The rehearsal dinner is a time to bring everyone together one last time and socialize before the main event, typically hosted the evening before the wedding. In this case, the wedding was in a church and a more formal reception at a local golf course followed.

The key to this event was creating a more casual ambience for the families to socialize in an organic setting. We helped our clients accommodate all their guests in their home and backyard. We made sure to create a menu that was totally different from the reception but still provided a variety of options to accommodate dietary restrictions. Our Chef inspired slider options paired with summertime sides to create an easily customizable and approachable meal. Top it off with some signature cocktails named after the bride and groom and you have a party!

Guests were able to eat, drink and mingle in the comfort of a more casual venue.

Services Provided

  • Custom Catering
  • Hosted Beverage Service
  • Bartending Services
  • Specialty Cocktail Development
  • Rental & Tenting Management
  • Day of Service Management
  • Complete Set Up and Break Down

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